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Sun, 21 Jul 2013

July 15, 2013
It's been an uneventful week. We now have more than two weeks without a working phone. We got completely soaking wet twice this week. Several of our most promising investigators just spontaneously disappeared without notice (we hope that they come back and didn't move to another city or die or something). The family we live with has asked us to move to a different room in their house. It's smaller, doesn't have a/c, has fewer electrical outlets, and doesn't have running water between 7 a.m. and 12 midnight (and sometimes not even then). Also no closets or toilet seat. We've been moving our stuff all day and it's not going to fit. That's about all that's been going on. Espero que sepáis que estoy feliz en esta obra y que sé que es de Dios. El Libro de Mormón es la palabra de Dios y tengo el privilegio de testificar de ello en el mundo. Que estéis bien y contento. Voy orando por vosotros.
Élder Bryan Hall
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